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Family Planning

C-Change Final Report

Publication Date: 

C-Change Final ReportThe C-Change Final Report details the SBCC capacity strengthening, implementation, and research work carried out by the C-Change Project from October 2007 through December 31, 2012.



Effect of Gender-Transformative Radio Programming and Community-based Distribution on Uptake of FP Methods and Gender Attitudes in Tanzania

Publication Date: 

 Gender Equity and FP in TanzaniaC-Change collaborated with T-MARC, a social marketing firm in Tanzania, to investigate the potential of radio messages with gender-transformative content to increase the sales of contraceptives from community based distributors in two peri-urban areas of Tanzania.

Interactive Workshops to Promote Gender Equity and Family Planning in Rural Communities of Tanzania

Publication Date: 

 Gender Equity and Family Planning in TanzaniaThis report describes an intervention project to test the hypothesis

Barriers to Family Planning Use in Malawi: Opportunities for Social and Behavior Change Communication

Publication Date: 

Barriers to Family Planning Use MalawiC-Change commissioned this research study on the socio-cultural context in which family planning (FP) decisions and fertility behaviors take place in Malawi. The study had two broad and interrelated objectives: