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Malaria Prevention Campaign Tools

The Malaria Prevention Campaign, launched in Oromia Region of Ethiopia by C-Change, recognizes communities for taking specific actions to combat malaria. The focus of the campaign is around small, doable actions that families carry out to protect themselves against malaria. The community volunteers under direction from the Community Mobilization Committee (CMC) energize and support their communities, families, and schools to take the actions necessary to prevent malaria. Materials and tools developed by C-Change for the campaign are available below.



  • Malaria protection scorecardMalaria Protection Scorecard guides a family step-by-step towards earning a Malaria Protection Sticker. The family member and a CMC volunteer check a box on the scorecard as each doable action is carried out. When families complete the set of actions, they earn a Malaria Protection Sticker that they display on their door. (Oromiffa and English)



  • Essential Malaria Actions flipchartEssential Malaria Actions Flipchart tells the story of a community volunteer who makes house visits to provide information to families about malaria. The small, doable actions are woven into the storyline with pictures. (English)
    * Higher quality PDF file available upon request.



  • Malaria prevention sticker

    Malaria Prevention Sticker is earned by families who have carried out the four small, doable actions listed in the Malaria Protection Scorecard. The sticker reads "I protect my family from malaria." (Oromiffa)
    * Higher quality image file available upon request.


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